Hiking in Val Gardena

Hiking routes in Val Gardena are a great way to know the area and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Dolomites. Enjoy the mountain air, pure and invigorating, as you hike on these two routes, hard but doable without being athletes when accompanied by good guides.



From the mountain station Danterceppies take the road that leads to the foot of the Cir. The mountain pass of Cir is reachable from the Jimmy Refuge, passing between rocky crags and small peaks. You need to reach the northern side from the basin of the lake and along the rocks until you are greeted by the Forcella Ciampac. The shelter is near at this point, just continue along the Gardenazza Plateau. Going down through the Vallunga, along the path 14, you reach a trail that leads, without stress, to Selva Gardena.

Duration: 5 hours



The excursion starts from the Passo Sella and continues along the legendary Friedrich August path. You need to cross the steep fields of the southern slope of the Sassolungo and then continue climbing up to Piz da Uridl. After reaching the Ciaulong fork, you can return back to Passo Sella easily.

Duration: 6 hours.